Nigel uses a brick kiln which he built himself in 2010 and which allows him control over timing and temperature. He uses sawdust and straw, oxides, and different types of hard and soft wood which are selected for their unique and unpredictable characteristics.

First firing to biscuit is normally up to 1060 in a electric kiln
Wood and sawdust fired ceramics are often difficult to predict in terms of finish and this uncertainty and element of chance is one of things Nigel finds so rewarding. There is however always a part of the process where Nigel is in control. Air movement ,wind, opening and closing up bricks sealing the top or allowing more circulation of air all make a difference to the burn of the kiln.

Each piece is totally unique because every part of the process cannot be reproduced exactly. They are non-functional and to be looked upon as artworks. Some pieces are considered to be deliberately thought provoking rather than just a "form" and the chosen titles encourage the viewer to make their own individual conclusions.

Names of the work are realised during the creative process and informed by the original concept. Nigel does not work from drawings or photographs although often sketches ideas before and even during a work in progress.

Nigel normally starts work with a structure of an idea in mind that develops intuitively, this gives him the freedom of choice without restriction in the making.

Because of the nature of this often lengthy  process Nigel’s practice is to be intuitive in the making rather than follow a planned format thus allowing continual change in the form but being constantly aware of knowing when to finish.

Rain Catcher - Nigel Eveleigh

Rain Catcher - Nigel Eveleigh

I am not trying to make statements to provoke others to agree or disagree with, my conceptual works are conceived and created by my feelings that are in the past, present and even the future! They are the thoughts in the making. We all see and interpret things in different ways and I believe that viewers should consider my work by making their own individual connection using their knowledge, experience, passion and understanding on a personal level.

Nigel Eveleigh 2014