The majority of Nigel’s work is hand built using coils and occasionally he will throw on the wheel or use an original mould to form a shape. He use a variety of techniques in the making of any given piece of work, such as leaving areas untouched and unworked, creating textures and marks by design or accident, burnishing and polishing using different materials, adding slips, pigments or stains, as well as masking and wrapping using natural materials. 

Whilst studying glass and ceramics at Southport College of Art he found that working in clay gave him a freedom of expression that led him to concentrate on this art form. Nigel developed experience through research, working in an established ceramics studio and eventually teaching the subject in college.

On the edge - Nigel Eveleigh

On the edge - Nigel Eveleigh

The characteristics of clay respond to my changing moments of thought and ultimate decision, enabling me to create and inform my ideas into permanent structures.

Nigel Eveleigh 2014